What is Hit2Traffic.com?

Hit2Traffic is a tool for web marketing which allows to anyone to publish posts on 17 social networks with multi accounts.

It help you publish posts to any website created with WordPress, create Amazon/eBay RSS Feeds, reply to comments(on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)…

It's great tool for you to auto post your news, ads...into more famous social networks!

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What are 17 social networks?

17 social networks include:

Facebook, Facebook Groups, Facebook Pages, Instagram, Youtube, Dailymotion, Reddit, Flickr, Imgur, Linkedin, Linkedin, 

Companies, Twitter, Tumblr, Google Plus, Pinterest, Medium, Blogger, WordPress, VK and Vimeo

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What is Its Features?

Publish a post on several social networks at a time or schedule a post to be published in the future.

Support more accounts of each social network;

Support repeat public post and automatic post;

See the preview of the post (text, image, link or others) for each social network.

See the stats of a published post(stats about posts made per day, posts made on each available social network, information about the posts, if it was successful or unsuccessful for each social network).

See the history of the published posts. For every published post you can see the message/text, the link or image from the post.

You can connect to multiple blogging platforms, with the option to choose on which blog you would like to post. And before choosing on which blog you want the post to be published, you can choose to what category to attribute the article/post.

Connect all RSS Feeds and select social networks where will be published the RSS Feeds.

In the settings of each Hit2Traffic Feed RSS is possibile to add a refferal code and at each RSS Link will be added the refferal code.

The tool Monitoris allows to follow the posts and see when a published post has new likes and comments. And Monitoris allows to reply to the received comments or create new comments.

Create unlimited Email Campaigns, Email Lists and Email Templates. Schedule the templates and select the option to send to all email addresses which read a template sent before.

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